Ready-made software for DDoS-attacks selling inept hackers

Symantec reports on sales in Russia are ready distributions Zemra, intended for the organization of DDoS-attacks. Antivirus experts believe that sales can be targeted to low-skilled hackers, because the Web source code is available Zemra.

In Russia, it became possible to purchase ready-Russified software for organizing DDoS-attacks. It was informed of the domestic company Symantec.

The finished product, defined as the Symantec antivirus tools Backdoor.Zemra, intended for DDoS-attacks to various organizations for the purpose of extortion, writing specialists. Localized for Russia Zemra version can be purchased at specialized hacker forums in May 2012 for 100 euros, reports .

It should be noted that Zemra - is not the first malicious software ready for the organization of DDoS-attacks, offered in Russia. Thus, an expert on information security Symantec Zerenkov Andrew recalls the existence of its analogs: Zeus and SpyEye. However, he notes, Zemra provides more functionality than with them.

In addition, he says, it is important to note the intensification of malicious software sales in Russia: "We are seeing a typical attempt to expand the market." So far, virus writers have paid much less attention to communication with their Russian-speaking users.

Interestingly, the analysts "Kaspersky Lab" did not insist on the uniqueness of software Zemra. Leading anti-virus expert "laboratories" and Sergey Golovanov says that sales have already appeared ready Russified tools for organizing DDoS-attacks. It was the least popular at the time BlackEnergy (about 2006-2007). BlackEnergy and 2 (2009-2010.). At public forums attackers can still find the posts on this topic, says Golovanov.