How to Create a facebook (fan) page

How does a facebook personal account differ from a facebook page (a.k.a fan page)? A Facebook Personal account is mainly for connecting with family, friends – more of a private network that associates with your personal life, non-business related activities. Facebook page (or fan page) on the other hand is designed mainly to showcase work or business related updates, or interact with audiences that are interested with the page brand or products.
A Facebook Page does not have a limit of how many ‘people who liked’ your page (in contrary to 5000 friend limit as in personal account), instead it allows you to customize it to meet your best requirements and brand image. You won’t have to go through Friend Requests. Similar to Twitter, people are willing to follow you based on what you can offer them in your Facebook page.
Steps to create an official Facebook Page

  1. Firstly, create your Facebook  Fan page here
  2. Select your page type based on its purpose, either local business, brand or public figure.
Create Facebook Page
Note: It’s important to make your best selection as you’ll be given different display box according your page genre. For example, if you’re an owner of a restaurant, make sure you select ‘Local Business’ so you’ll be given location and phone number to fill up.
Location and Phone Information
If you’re a politician, your information could show up this way as how you configured it to be (example of Joe Biden’s page):
Facebook politician information
If you chose ‘website’, none of the above options will be available, except the year this website is found, for example our Faebook page:
Faebook Basic Information3. Once you made your pick, hit Create Official Page. A new, empty page created for your further customization:
Faebook New Page Created
How Do I Locate Facebook Page?
In order to go to your own Facebook Pages, go to Account> Manage Pages:
Faebook Manage Pages
A listing of your current Facebook Pages will be displayed. In our case, we only have one page for the time being, therefore go straight to the page with ‘Go To Page’:
Go To Page
To look for other Pages:
All facebook pages are listed here in Page Directory. You can gain access to all the popular pages from different categories. Be inspired with their designs and start customizing your own. You can too, find your own page in the listing too, try the search box. Each page you liked will be listed in your Info Tab of your personal account as we explained in How to Fill out Profile Information earlier.
Click Like to connect to the page
Faebook Like Page
Your personal account will show up on Person/People Like This box tab at the left column of the page
People Like Faebook
The newly connected page will automatically appear on your Info tab (personal account) based on its own category.