How To Solve Facebook Mobile Verification Code Problem

There are some who face difficulties during Facebook mobile Verification. If you receive Facebook message that claims the number is already registered, alert Facebook about this issue with this Facebook Form.
Facebook Mobile Confirmation Form

Facebook has a five time code request limit so use it well. For those who are still been blocked out of the door or receiving multiple errors, the final thing you can do now is to file a report to Facebook with this Facebook Form.
Facebook - Unable to login from phone
If you still receive texts when logged in, you can report this bug with this Facebook form:
Facebook- Receiving Text Messages While logged in
The saddest part of all is we cannot verify our username with email. As much we appreciate Facebook concern of protecting the usernames, things can get very troublesome at times with mobile verification. Extra charges from your mobile carrier can be quite burdened. Let’s hope for a better fix from Facebook soon.