How to solve with Personal Account Been Disabled on Facebook

If you had followed close to our post updates, you should have read about how overusing a feature may cause account blockage and if serious, personal account been disabled completely. (Read What Facebook Users Should Know about Account Blockage)
facebook account disabled
There are many reasons why a personal account can be disabled. The problem is that sometimes a user is not notified with reasons of being disabled that caused confusions, unknown how to appeal, or if there is a way for that at all? Knowing the reason why your account is disabled is important so you can reach facebook with proper contact methods.
There are three common possibilities why a personal account can be disabled:
1.       Violating facebook Statement of rights and responsibilities
This includes:
i)                    Ignore facebook warnings and continue with prohibited behaviors
ii)                   fake name, fake profile, impersonate a brand
iii)                 Harassing other users that caused reporting
iv)                 Spamming and post inappropriate/ prohibited content
More explanations about facebook’s statement of rights and responsibilities can be found here. If you are sure that none of your actions should trigger the block, make your appeal with this form:
facebook profile disabled=
2.       Security reasons
A personal account that is reported by others due to phished or compromised can be disabled by facebook. If your account is fallen into this category, identity your security reasons and fills up the right form:
Phished accounts (account used for spamming, false links or photo clicks etc):
Money Transfer Scam (account accessed by third party to obtain money from friends):
3.       Access Issues
When you are alerted with a ‘disabled’ message when trying to login your account, make sure to check through which access issue fits your category, then submit theform:
What if I did not receive any warnings about disabled account?
Facebook has stated not all users will get a warning about disabled account, it depends on the severity of the violation. For accounts that violated facebook’s statement of rights and responsibilities, those accounts cannot be restored.
Did you experience any account disability from the past? Were you able to re-enable it? Feel free to tell us your story.